Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Craft Room

This is by far my favorite room in the house. I liked it before but man did it need to be organized and cleaned.  I follow Anneke of This That and Life on Instagram and was inspired by her #myweeklygoal to start on the organization finally. The weekly goal turned into an entire month but I got the job done. There are still quite a few things to do (labels, prettying up some boxes, etc) but I wanted to show my progress so far because I'm ecstatic over the after.

When you walk in the door, this is what you are now greeted with.

Still love my craft corner, it's just not surrounded by tons of junk anymore. I sit on the floor a lot so having room to chill and lots of pillows is a must.

I'll have more details on the closet later.

Behind-the-door storage really helped clear out the closet and makes it a lot easier to see my gift bags and wrapping paper. I would eventually like to paint this chest of drawers. It's literally as old as I am so the particle board separating the drawers is falling apart but I can't seem to get rid of it. Add it to the list.



I'll post more details and have plenty of projects to post in the future. Just couldn't wait to show off my craft room.

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