Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Glitter LOVE Wall Art

The gold obsession continues! I love glitter and have been especially happy with gold lately so I decided I would make as much gold wall art as the hubs allows. After making the gold leaf wedding date wall art , I had to have something to accompany it.  "Love" came to mind because I mean wedding date, love, it naturally goes together, right.

Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Chipboard Letters

If you don't have chipboard letters you could easily play with some fonts on your computer and print out a template to trace on the canvas.

After tracing the letters, I painted them white so it would stand out more. Then I put mod podge on a corner of the canvas and threw down some glitter. I work better when glittering in sections since watching tv pretty much guarantees that the mod podge will dry before I manage to finish putting the glitter on. I had to glitter the whole canvas twice because of my slow work time - there were poor little bald spots where the glue had dried before the glitter could stick.

To finish up, I painted mod podge over the entire canvas and let it dry. Easy peasy! My new wall pretties are hanging right outside my craft room door so I never enter my craft haven without seeing something pretty. Gotta love it :)

 photo jenn1.jpg

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