Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Easy DIY No Sew Pom Pom Pillows

My sweet Momma and I have been slowly redecorating her house over the past year (slowly is an understatement) sticking with a nonhoarder beach-cottage type theme. Trying to add pretty colors where we can, lots of unfinished wood, and nautical/beach elements. I haven't taken too many pictures because it's a work in progress and I am constantly making decor, adding items, and moving random things around.

Wanting to add some throw pillows to her new slipcover, I made these super easy pom pom pillows. The pic below is from my house. Mom's slip cover is a soft beige, a little lighter than the pillow covers. My step-dad is a man (obvs) and since I'm making over the space for both of them, I'm trying to keep the girly pillows to a minimum. You're welcome, Tony :0)

I saw a fabulous DIY pillow from The Makerista that inspired all kinds of sweet pom pom pillow dreams. She has a tutorial that puts mine to shame.

Pom Pom Trim

I bought the faux linen pillow cover and pillow form from Hobby Lobby.  They go on sale about every two weeks making the cover only $2.49. If you want more color/size options you could also go to H&M's home section. Their pillow covers start out around $5.

As with all my projects, I started on the floor measuring out a piece of the pom trim and cutting out 12 similarly sized pieces. I didn't measure and plan out the spacing, just winged it. Fast projects are my favorite.

Starting from the bottom, I put a thin strip of Liquid Stitch and added the pom trim. I tried to space the layers evenly as possible. Because I didn't plan this out well, I did the top part of the pillow after the bottom so that I had a better idea of how much space was between the two. Makes perfect sense right?!

I made a second cover that had only two sections of the trim. The plan is to use the fabric that's in the material picture above and make two more coordinating covers....one day. 

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