Monday, June 16, 2014

Craftroom Wrapping Storage

I'm a huge copycat. If I see something I like, I immediately start thinking about how I can make it. And in this case, Jen from IHeart Organizing had a fabulously organized wrapping station that I had to get my hands on. She got all of it from the Container Store which I am now obsessed with. I don't know what it is but I've been on an organizing kick lately (while simultaneously making all the other unorganized rooms even messier in the process). And since I was trying to get my craft room back into some kind of working order, I went straight to the container store and bought some goodies to help corral my junk. 

This was immediately after I stepped through the door from work. I couldn't wait to get into that box!

The whole door rack system was really easy to put together. I stubbornly refused help and for once I didn't need to break down and beg Jared to assist after all.  I started out with the over-door hooks and the 77 3/4 "mounted standard white" and then added the racks starting from the bottom. 

You can find the whole system HERE. In Jen's awesomeness, she bought the gift wrap rack to hold her paper. I wanted to buy the media rack (you'll see the difference in the two when you find them) to hold my gift bags upright and ended up just purchasing 2 so that I could use one to hold the wrapping paper in place as well. You can use the media rack or the gift wrap rack. They both work wonderfully. 

I had so many gift bags and wrapping paper that I had to leave out the seasonal items so I could neatly fit everything into the baskets. I'm a craft hoarder.

I'm so happy with the organization. Now I can see all of the gift wrapping/embellishments in one area and I don't have to dig through all of my supplies anymore.

Twine and cute gift bags make me so happy!!

What I bought:
Overdoor Hooks
77-3/4 Mounted Standard White
3 Deep Baskets
2 Shallow Baskets
2 Media Racks

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

Pinterest brought me here! It's cool you were able to use the media rack to hold the wrapping paper. It seems you get more mileage from that than the gift wrap attachment. I think I'll do that as well! Question: I have brand new unopened rolls of wrapping paper, so they're much thicker than used rolls. Will they still fit within the slots of the media rack? I also plan to use the media rack to hold gift bags. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Hiestand said...

Hi there! I would probably go with the wrap rack if you had a big roll of wrapping paper. The slots in the center aren't that far apart so that is kinda tricky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, thanks for your reply! I'll keep that in mind when I organize my craft supplies. Off to the Container Store to get the Elfa (30% sale going on). Thanks again!