Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Easy DIY No Sew Pom Pom Pillows

My sweet Momma and I have been slowly redecorating her house over the past year (slowly is an understatement) sticking with a nonhoarder beach-cottage type theme. Trying to add pretty colors where we can, lots of unfinished wood, and nautical/beach elements. I haven't taken too many pictures because it's a work in progress and I am constantly making decor, adding items, and moving random things around.

Wanting to add some throw pillows to her new slipcover, I made these super easy pom pom pillows. The pic below is from my house. Mom's slip cover is a soft beige, a little lighter than the pillow covers. My step-dad is a man (obvs) and since I'm making over the space for both of them, I'm trying to keep the girly pillows to a minimum. You're welcome, Tony :0)

I saw a fabulous DIY pillow from The Makerista that inspired all kinds of sweet pom pom pillow dreams. She has a tutorial that puts mine to shame.

Pom Pom Trim

I bought the faux linen pillow cover and pillow form from Hobby Lobby.  They go on sale about every two weeks making the cover only $2.49. If you want more color/size options you could also go to H&M's home section. Their pillow covers start out around $5.

As with all my projects, I started on the floor measuring out a piece of the pom trim and cutting out 12 similarly sized pieces. I didn't measure and plan out the spacing, just winged it. Fast projects are my favorite.

Starting from the bottom, I put a thin strip of Liquid Stitch and added the pom trim. I tried to space the layers evenly as possible. Because I didn't plan this out well, I did the top part of the pillow after the bottom so that I had a better idea of how much space was between the two. Makes perfect sense right?!

I made a second cover that had only two sections of the trim. The plan is to use the fabric that's in the material picture above and make two more coordinating covers....one day. 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Craftroom Wrapping Storage

I'm a huge copycat. If I see something I like, I immediately start thinking about how I can make it. And in this case, Jen from IHeart Organizing had a fabulously organized wrapping station that I had to get my hands on. She got all of it from the Container Store which I am now obsessed with. I don't know what it is but I've been on an organizing kick lately (while simultaneously making all the other unorganized rooms even messier in the process). And since I was trying to get my craft room back into some kind of working order, I went straight to the container store and bought some goodies to help corral my junk. 

This was immediately after I stepped through the door from work. I couldn't wait to get into that box!

The whole door rack system was really easy to put together. I stubbornly refused help and for once I didn't need to break down and beg Jared to assist after all.  I started out with the over-door hooks and the 77 3/4 "mounted standard white" and then added the racks starting from the bottom. 

You can find the whole system HERE. In Jen's awesomeness, she bought the gift wrap rack to hold her paper. I wanted to buy the media rack (you'll see the difference in the two when you find them) to hold my gift bags upright and ended up just purchasing 2 so that I could use one to hold the wrapping paper in place as well. You can use the media rack or the gift wrap rack. They both work wonderfully. 

I had so many gift bags and wrapping paper that I had to leave out the seasonal items so I could neatly fit everything into the baskets. I'm a craft hoarder.

I'm so happy with the organization. Now I can see all of the gift wrapping/embellishments in one area and I don't have to dig through all of my supplies anymore.

Twine and cute gift bags make me so happy!!

What I bought:
Overdoor Hooks
77-3/4 Mounted Standard White
3 Deep Baskets
2 Shallow Baskets
2 Media Racks

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Whole30 - Day 13

I'm still truckin' right along with my June Whole30.  I found this funny timeline on what to expect while you're detoxing from all the crap you've been eating. After reading it I was fully expecting to be a big nonsensical, moody mess but I'm actually really proud of myself. The second day was the worst. I had a horrible carb hangover and couldn't think straight and seriously felt like I was in a dream. That's the best way I know to describe it. Weirdness for sure! But I started to feel better and actually really enjoy all the cooking. I don't like having to stand up for hours cooking just to clean up afterwards but my gut is thanking me everyday by not feeling like poo. I've even put together a little cookbook full of recipes from all the folks I stalk on Instagram.

Some of my fave meals:

Roasted Carrot Fries - Put olive oil, garlic, and salt in a ziploc. Add carrots to the bag and coat them well. Lay them on a cookie sheet and bake on 425 for about 20 minutes. Turning them over after 10 min.

Microwaved sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon. BOMB!

Sticking with the sweet cinnamon trend - Apples cooked in coconut oil with cinnamon sprinkles.

My favorite go-to breakfast egg scramble (2 eggs, spinach, and little sunburst tomatoes)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Craft Room

This is by far my favorite room in the house. I liked it before but man did it need to be organized and cleaned.  I follow Anneke of This That and Life on Instagram and was inspired by her #myweeklygoal to start on the organization finally. The weekly goal turned into an entire month but I got the job done. There are still quite a few things to do (labels, prettying up some boxes, etc) but I wanted to show my progress so far because I'm ecstatic over the after.

When you walk in the door, this is what you are now greeted with.

Still love my craft corner, it's just not surrounded by tons of junk anymore. I sit on the floor a lot so having room to chill and lots of pillows is a must.

I'll have more details on the closet later.

Behind-the-door storage really helped clear out the closet and makes it a lot easier to see my gift bags and wrapping paper. I would eventually like to paint this chest of drawers. It's literally as old as I am so the particle board separating the drawers is falling apart but I can't seem to get rid of it. Add it to the list.



I'll post more details and have plenty of projects to post in the future. Just couldn't wait to show off my craft room.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Glitter LOVE Wall Art

The gold obsession continues! I love glitter and have been especially happy with gold lately so I decided I would make as much gold wall art as the hubs allows. After making the gold leaf wedding date wall art , I had to have something to accompany it.  "Love" came to mind because I mean wedding date, love, it naturally goes together, right.

Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Chipboard Letters

If you don't have chipboard letters you could easily play with some fonts on your computer and print out a template to trace on the canvas.

After tracing the letters, I painted them white so it would stand out more. Then I put mod podge on a corner of the canvas and threw down some glitter. I work better when glittering in sections since watching tv pretty much guarantees that the mod podge will dry before I manage to finish putting the glitter on. I had to glitter the whole canvas twice because of my slow work time - there were poor little bald spots where the glue had dried before the glitter could stick.

To finish up, I painted mod podge over the entire canvas and let it dry. Easy peasy! My new wall pretties are hanging right outside my craft room door so I never enter my craft haven without seeing something pretty. Gotta love it :)

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Whole30 - Day 1

Sooo...I started Whole30 yesterday. I've posted this picture on everything truthfully because my food pictures aren't pretty. But I want to be able to keep up with my progress so expect lots of rambling on about food and feelings and a whole bunch of other boring stuff that makes me happy.

Thanks to a blog feature on Lunchpails and Lipstick I found Jenna Rammell and her Instagram account all about clean eating and Whole30. I may be slightly obsessed with the food porn she posts (her pictures are  much better than mine - so jealous) and I also may have read all her posts and the comments to get an entire notebook full of recipes and tips. What can I say, I like lists and I'm a expert stalker. After writing down a good amount of recipes and putting together my first shopping list, the hubs and I went to Sams and Target. Of course I forgot several things on my list but once we got home, I wasn't going back out so I made do. Yall, I'm so proud of myself. Like cooked Jared breakfast and made him wake up early so I could tell him what I had been up to in the kitchen proud. I don't cook, I bake. I don't mind cooking but it's just not something I do. Sunday that all changed. And you may be all so you've cooked a couple meals, so what. Well boo on that. I'm serious about this. I seriously googled how to correctly cut an onion!

I made fresh guacamole from this recipe which I had to alter slightly. I used what I had on hand and substituted lemon juice and diced sunburst tomatoes for her lime juice and a roma tomato. It is still really tasty. 

Not pretty but oh so delicious!

I made ghee and then used it in the making of cauliflower rice which is a jennaskitchen recipe. For the cauliflower rice I'm going to go ahead and admit that we don't have a food processor or a good blender so I used a cheese grater to grate it. No shame in working with what ya got. I also prepped a ton of chicken for the next 2 or 3 days. Cooked a huge pan of chicken, sweet peppers and onions to put over the rice and then did another pan of chicken in coconut oil with salt and pepper. Cooking with coconut oil has seriously brought fried eggs and chicken to a whole new level. It's the bomb!!

And that's my first day! I had a bit of a headache but my excitement over cooking overshadowed my caffeine hangover.

I'm working on the craftroom post and all the details for later in the week. So in love with my organized and clean room!!!

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