Friday, May 23, 2014

Gold Leaf Wall Art

I've been gold-obsessed lately, filling my Pinterest boards with all sorts of ideas. So it's no big surprise that I've found gold leaf projects to be my favorite things. There's something very therapeutic about it and it's really easy. Our walls are still pretty bare so I used Nalles House wall art as the inspiration for our wedding date wall art.

wooden numbers
gold leaf sheets
metal leaf adhesive
metal leaf sealant
paint brushes (at least 2)
acrylic craft paints
gorilla glue for wood

I started by putting the metal leaf adhesive on the wooden numbers and, according to the directions, letting it sit for an hour or so.  The longer it sits, the stickier it gets. I would use an old paint brush for the adhesive because it will be forever sticky. While waiting, I painted my canvas a pale coral color by mixing several acrylic paints.  Then I busted out the gold leaf sheets. You put the gold sheet directly on the letter and using a separate paint brush, smooth the sheet down. I like a more textured look so I didn't sand the numbers and left plenty of wrinkles in the gold leaf. After I had all the stickiness covered in gold, I put the metal leaf sealant over the entire area. I don't know how necessary the sealant really is because I failed to do proper research but I feel better knowing I can dust it off and not tear it up as easily. 

I waited a while before gluing the numbers down with gorilla glue. I wanted to test the placement first. I made a tiny mistake and bought different types of numbers that weren't all the same size. I'd walk by and move them every day or so hoping they would line up just right. Jared noticed the difference in the numbers and I totally tried to play it off like I did it on purpose. Truth: I realized they were different when I got home, after I drowned them in adhesive so it was a little too late to return them. Oh well. I love my wedding date canvas even though it is very un-perfect (this not-so-perfect project also calls for incorrect grammar).

Tutorial for the LOVE glitter canvas coming later. It's gold glitter yall! GOLD. GLITTER.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

I {heart} Mom

Happy Mother's Day

To the best Mommy ever

 To the most caring, loving, and supportive person

  To my best friend

I am so blessed to be your daughter. I love you bunches and bunches!!

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