Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY Ribbon Holder

I made this ribbon holder months ago for a Christmas present for my sweet niece Aryia and forgot to post. I think this was actually supposed to be part of her birthday present in August but I tend to run a couple of months behind on most everything.

Wood Letter 
Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

I painted the plaque and letter then used LocTite to glue the letter onto the front once the paint had dried. I'm sure you could use hot glue for this as well but I always have LocTite on hand and I try to prevent hot glue gun burns whenever possible. 

I braved the hot glue gun to adhere the pieces of ribbon to the plaque, cutting several pieces of ribbon to glue. I'm not skilled enough to measure ribbon to include the bow so I cut a long piece for the bow (made it separately), two "tails" that are glued under the bow to actually hang the ribbons, and the piece that is used to hang the plaque from the wall.  Pretty easy stuff!

 photo jenn1.jpg

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