Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY Framed Bathroom Mirror

This is another Pinterest pick that the hubby and I were both  eager to make. We had a couple of tiny mishaps but I really had no idea how easy this project would be once we picked out the "frame". The toughest part of the whole process was picking out what trim we wanted to use. We ended up with chair rail from Lowes that we both loved.

Because the guest bathroom has a smaller mirror and this was our first major house project, we started there. After gluing the mirror to the wall with Liquid Nails, Jared cut the 4 pieces of trim at 45 degree angles and then we glued the pieces directly onto the mirror with LocTite Mirror. We've seen both Liquid Nails and LocTite being used in different tutorials so we tried both of them - nothing's falling apart yet.

There were some small gaps in the corners of the frame where the pieces met so after letting the mirror glue dry for 24 hours, I used some caulk in the cracks. We painted the wood with white trim paint to cover up scuff marks. The painting probably should have been done before we glued the frame but we were so excited to see it up that we weren't really thinking rationally. Thankfully we had a razor on hand to scrape paint off the mirror.

And this is how the vanity area in our bedroom currently looks.  We moved to another room as soon as the guest bathroom was done. I think at this point we're used to living in chaos. You can see we used heavy ammo cans to keep the corner of the frame from sliding - we're good like that.

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