Monday, March 3, 2014

Corner Gallery Wall

This weekend I finally realized that we have been in our house for almost a year and still have absolutely nothing on the walls in the living room. I've been obsessively pinning picture galleries on Pinterest and decided that Saturday was the day to start on our own corner gallery. We have this cozy corner in the living area that I've slowly made into a 'reading nook'. And because that is my favorite corner (who says that - favorite corner?!?!) it's the perfect place to hang our happy memories. 

This is one project that I planned for and didn't rush so there were no surprises.

I shopped the house and garage and only ended up having to buy a couple frames. Then I took over my messy guest room and arranged a layout that I was pleased with. The hubs isn't all about randomly sticking things on the wall so I traced the frames on kraft paper and taped them up with washi. There were a couple of rearranged kraft frames but we finally decided on an arrangement that made us both happy.

To avoid taking the frames off the wall too often I made sure to print pictures that I won't have to change for a while. I also chose pictures based on their coloring so that there wasn't too much of one specific color on our turquoise mist walls. And to avoid a million holes in the wall we went with command strips - I'm not too sure how well command strips hold up if you continuously take down the frames but I don't want to be the one to find out the hard way.

Thanks to the kraft frames and planning process we got everything up and level in about thirty minutes. I'm really excited to tackle some more diy home decor now that I've gotten passed that first big project.

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