Friday, January 10, 2014

Chalkboard Calendar

What better way to keep up with all those resolutions than a big chalkboard wall calendar. One of my resolutions is to blog more often and actually finish most of my projects. Going strong so far! I had the chalkboard vinyl on hand as well as chalk and the Cricut. Didn't even have to leave the house for this one.

  I originally wanted to use the wall above my desk but unfortunately my little arms make it very difficult for me to reach that space. The area to the left of my desk is perfect and I can easily change out the dates and add projects as needed.

After measuring the space that I wanted to use, I cut a piece of craft paper just to make sure I liked the size and placement. My vinyl isn't permanent but once I get the calendar up there it's staying forever as far as I'm concerned.

I determined that I wanted my squares to be about 4 inches as well as having a little space for notes and projects. Then used the Circut to cut the squares while Bella and Shooter sniffed every last piece of vinyl with wet noses.

After placing the first square I used the level to make sure it was straight and continued to level while I added more squares. I have a chalk pen but I'm not sure how well it wipes off after a month so I only used it on the "projects" and "notes" section which will hopefully stay all year. I used color chalk on the rest of the calendar. Another way to use some of the washi stash - added a piece of washi to add color and wrote birthdays so they would be in view.

Loving it so far!

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