Friday, December 20, 2013

Reindeer Christmas Cards

I hope by now everyone's received their cards so I'll share my DIY reindeer holiday cards. The past couple of years I've made our Christmas cards and for some reason I have to make them as difficult as possible. There's something about meticulously cutting the tiniest of tiny paper objects that makes me happy.


I had cardstock on hand that I planned on using for the actual card but while at Michaels I found the awesome pack of prescored Mambi Cards so I couldn't pass that up. Unfortunately, I couldn't find square envelopes so I made do with the rectangle kraft envelopes below. I'm all about trying to make things perfect but they never work that way and end up just as lovely. One day I'll learn.

And here is where I obsessively scoured images of deer to find the perfect silhouette. When found, I basically traced and cut out about 30-something deer silhouettes because I had nothing better to do and love torture. I do have a Cricut but I couldn't find an image that would properly display Rudolph's rhinestone nose.  The rhinestone was a must!

Glued the deer down and made him fabulous with a rhinestone atop his schnoz.  

I used my Enjoy the Season stamp on the inside of the card and wrote in a greeting. So other than the two days of cutting little baby antlers, this project was pretty easy.

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