Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Glitter Ornaments

While my peacock ornaments were drying I threw some glitter around and made some more ornaments with the frosted glass balls. I'm a glitter hoarder so, again, I had all the materials for these and they are super easy to make.

mod podge
paint brush
washi tape
foam block

For all of my ornaments I set up a little drying station with the green foam blocks and skewers. While some were drying, I'd work on others.

I started by mixing a ton of glitter with mod podge. I wanted the glitter to be thick so I put a lot of glitter - fine and bigger glitter pieces. Then I taped washi around the ornament and painted a thick layer of glitter on one side of the tape. After a minute I removed the tape so it wouldn't be glued to the ornament and then put it on a skewer to dry. I touched up any bare spots after the mod podge had dried. Easy and shiny. Two of my favorite things.

 photo jenn1.jpg

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