Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun Washi Tape Outlet Covers


I'm a washi tape hoarder. It's the prettiest obsession that one can have though so I'm sure it's ok. When another package full of washi arrives, I have to use a little of the old tape. Which leads us to my washi outlet covers. The new craft room might look like a color bomb exploded but I can still find things to cover in bright tape.

Materials needed:
Outlet Covers
Mod Podge (only if you want the washi to stick for a while)
Paint Brush

Cover the outlet in washi, cut the tape that covers the holes {I left a tiny bit to folder under the hole}, cover in Mod Podge {I won't be changing mine out for a while but if you want to change your washi tape often I wouldn't use Mod Podge - it'll be easier to peel off without it}

Easy stuff! And it makes me happy :0)
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