Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Dreamcatcher


Embroidery Hoop
Burlap Ribbon
Jute Twine  {8 strands at least 30 inches each and extra twine for beading and feathers}
Large-Hole Beads and Charms
Lace Ribbon or Trim
Super Glue

I used an embroidery hoop only because that's what I had on hand {and I'm lazy and will rig anything up as long as the end result looks how I envisioned}. Wrap the hoop with the burlap ribbon and secure the end with superglue.

The next series of steps are basically just tying knots. Tie the jute twine around the hoops about 1.5 inches apart and start tying the different strands together until you reach the center. When I reached the center of the circle, I tied all of the twine together, put some glue on the knot and cut the remaining twine.

For all of the beaded twine and feathers, I added the embellishments BEFORE tying to the hoop. But you can pretty much add anything you want. I braided some strands, tied knots between beads, threaded beads through the lace ribbon, etc. I glued the twine to the end of the feathers and wrapped it - a little scared to tie the twine around the feathers and break them.

I'm obsessed with everything boho right now. Love it!!
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun Washi Tape Outlet Covers


I'm a washi tape hoarder. It's the prettiest obsession that one can have though so I'm sure it's ok. When another package full of washi arrives, I have to use a little of the old tape. Which leads us to my washi outlet covers. The new craft room might look like a color bomb exploded but I can still find things to cover in bright tape.

Materials needed:
Outlet Covers
Mod Podge (only if you want the washi to stick for a while)
Paint Brush

Cover the outlet in washi, cut the tape that covers the holes {I left a tiny bit to folder under the hole}, cover in Mod Podge {I won't be changing mine out for a while but if you want to change your washi tape often I wouldn't use Mod Podge - it'll be easier to peel off without it}

Easy stuff! And it makes me happy :0)
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Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm a slacker...

This should be my ongoing post title: I'm a Slacker. My sister got onto me for not posting - Hey Kelli! I'll get better, I promise. Here's what's been going on.

Dauphin Island trip with the fam

We've spent a lot of time with our friends Chris and Ashley this Summer. I'm obsessed with their babies. Thinking about sneaking Myles home with me next time - you've been warned Ashley ;)
Painting Mom's house. I painted, she took pictures.

Aryia's 1!!!!

New kicks that I WILL be wearing tonight when I start running again - swear it!


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