Monday, July 8, 2013

Picture Vomit

We had our first overnight visitors a couple of weekends ago. Our good friends Ashley and Chris came over with my favorite little redhead, Paisley. They are expecting their second baby any day now so we had them over to hang out before things get really busy for their sweet family. I loved sitting outside watching Jared and Paisley play. Sweetest thing ever!

We celebrated Sarah's brithday at Buffalo Wild Wings. I always have fun with Mom and Sarah...and beer. Happy hour makes everything better.

This weekend was gloomy and rainy outside. Inside, I was flittering around from box to box pulling out craft supplies and gathering as many craft ideas as possible. If you follow me on Pinterest or instagram I'm sure you've noticed my recent obsession with feathers. I put together the below feather mobile and started a dreamcather last night that I had to tear myself away from to finally go to bed. Jared's not feeling the whimsical feather stuff (what do boys know anyway?!?!?!) so I'll be moving on to something new soon. Tutorials on these goodies coming soon.

How was your weekend?
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