Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things I Love Tuesday

♥ Long drives with the Hubs ♥ Sunday bbqs ♥ Having a husband who gladly helps me feed stray dogs and rescue turtles - without saying a negative word ♥ Waking up to furbaby breath and wet kisses ♥ Craft day with my sister ♥ Early dinners on warm Summer days

These are just a few of the things I love. Brought to you completely inspired by Gala Darling. If you've never been to her blog, you should check it out. Totally stealing Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday but changing it to Tuesday just to be a little different. I love Gala - she's all about self love and gratitude so with that in mind I'm going to start a gratitude list on Tuesdays. All the things I love from the previous week and I think I'll add some links to awesome stuff I've found on the interwebs as well.

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