Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's coming along

One of the reasons I love our house - all the natural light. Big windows and lots of sunshine. The big BUT - I feel like all of our furniture is dark and not with the whole open and airy feel of our home.  And we're not rich so the brown couch and dark wood stays but I have plenty of ideas to brighten up our dreary furniture.

The entry way needed a table so I hopped on over to Wayfair and bought this bad boy. It's perfect for the space and adds a little color to the bare walls.

We've added this sweet chair from Pier1 and a ton of bright and natural fabric pillows to put some color on the couches.

The area rug is from Target and was our first purchase for our new home. It was also the first time that we bought a rug based on how much we loved it and not the price. I refuse to settle on things for this house. I'd rather save and maybe pass up that new pair of shoes to buy something that we love.

I broke out the paint brushes for a little while on Sunday. I'm not sure this painting will stay in the dining room but for now it's adding the perfect amount of whimsy.

 photo jenn1.jpg

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debby said...

I love the painting in the dining room and it compliments the blues & greens in the glassware on the dining table or vice versa:)