Thursday, June 6, 2013

Craft Nook


I saw this picture on Pinterest and became obsessed with having a corner of my craft room that mimicked this space {but with brighter colors because I painted the room bright yellow before my obsession with this pic overcame me}. This is actually a nursery but the whole room invokes a sense of calm and peacefulness that I must possess. I mean seriously - try to look at Eulalie's room and tell me you don't immediately feel inspired. I dare ya!

So began the search for the perfect craft nook. A corner of my room where I can sit on the floor and make stuff, relax, watch tv, whatevs. And since I have only one corner that is currently unoccupied, my crafty floor space will be by the closet.

This is what I have in mind...

pretty wallpaper

love the curtain instead of a door idea


this chandy

love this!

these hearts

cute washi outlet covers

this confetti wall

already have this cork board - thanks Steph!

poms, painted cookie sheets = perfection


 photo jenn1.jpg

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