Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We're Homeowners...

Finally! We have a home that's ours, all ours. We closed on the house on Monday, April 29th and got the last of our stuff moved in on Sunday. I never realized how many random things we've accumulated until we filled our new garage with boxes and bags. I kid you not - I can't park my little car in the garage because of the mess. To get my mind off all the stress of moving, I've been pinning decor inspiration like mad. Once the bags and boxes are unpacked {and the goodwill bags have been toted away}, I will have tons of decorating and DIY posts. Until then...

{my hair needs taming}

Our Blank {and oh so Wonderful} Slate:





this tub will be cleaned and used ASAP

my craft room!!!



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debby said...

the house is absolutely beautiful and I would comment more if the emails of your blogs would let me respond.