Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project 24: No Sew Fabric Pillow Cover

I'm slowly trying to add some color to our house. By "slowly" I mean one strategically placed item a month so the hubs doesn't notice. He loves solid neutral colors {patterns are a big no no} so it completely took me by surprise when he picked out the fabric for these pillows. I saw this no sew tutorial on how to cover a pillow with fabric and thought it was perfect. The tutorial isn't super detailed for those of us who need step-by-step instructions so I will try and explain what I did to blindly rig my pillow cover. It's a lot harder to describe than I thought.  This is fixing to be some real genius shiz - big technical terms will be used!

1 yard of fabric
12x12 Pillow
Safety Pins

Put the pillow in the center of the fabric and fold the fabric so that the overlapping fabric edge lines up in the center. I folded the end of the sides twice to make a point. Also tried to capture those folds in the picture below because explaining folds isn't my forte.

After the side folds, your pillow/fabric should look like this:

Fold the two sides over each other:

Tie the sides into a knot:

Safety pin the knotted fabric under the center of the knot to get this nice clean look:

Next, I will tackle a pillow with the sewing machine. You have been warned.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Weekend in Pics: The Color Run New Orleans

My awesome Mom and I drove to New Orleans in the wee hours of the morn on Saturday for the Color Run. Although I was extremely tired {I stayed up late to make our shirts which I completely forgot to take pics of - shocker}, I had a blast.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project 23: DIY iPhone Case

I keep seeing all these super cute iphone cases and then I look at my boring black otter box and silently cry about the lack of creativity there. There is a good reason for the boring black case: I'm really paranoid about breaking my phone not only because you have to take out a small loan to buy one but because I'd be lost without it. The Otter Box is perfect for folks like me. But I ventured out and found a super cheap plain white cover to decorate. These covers aren't the bomb - they're the rubbery kind, not hard and sturdy. BUT it fits my phone perfectly and makes a really easy, cheap background for whatever designs you want.

Another easy DIY. I decorated my case with Sharpies while I caught up on some shows  :0)

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Monday, February 4, 2013

My Weekend in Pics

*Spontaneous dance party with Bella * DIY phone case (tutorial soon) * Best dip EVER * Made a no-sew pillow because I'm still scared of my sewing machine (will have a tutorial for this as well) * Toffee chocolate chip brownies with ice cream

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Project 22: Easy Flower Pushpins

Sometimes I make things that I basically just throw together because I'm too lazy to go get better supplies. And sometimes these things stay together and I love them. Hardly ever happens...but some times.  After I made my cork inspiration board, I needed some pins so I literally super glued some silver pushpins to the back of some 1inch white flower cabochons. I know it's nothing spectacular but I'm documenting all my projects here so what the heck.


I feel like this is a confessional post of sorts so I also want to say that I'm well aware that my pictures, for lack of a better, suck. It's another one of my goals - work on my pictures. It's on my list :0)

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