Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project 21: Washi Tape and Cork Inspiration Board

I'm in love with this inspiration board. Primarily because the floral washi tape is the bomb. I'm completely obsessed with washi tape these days and basically I'm trying to use some of what I've got so I can buy more. {If I'm using supplies I can't technically be called a hoarder right?}

My board was inspired by this cork inspiration board on apartment therapy and this one at dot coms for moms.

Blue Painter's Tape
Washi Tape
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

I bought my cork and picture hanging strips from WalMart. The cork comes with the little square stickies that you see in the horrible picture below but, after testing one of the stickies on the wall, found out that they're not easy to remove from the paint so I wouldn't recommend using those to hang your boards. I had the picture strips, washi and painter's tape on hand.

First, put a piece of washi tape across the cork from corner to corner. That marks your center point. Then, put a piece of the painter's tape directly next to the original strip of washi. While the painter's tape is in place, put a strip of washi on the other side of the painter's tape. The painter's tape acts as a ruler of sorts to space out your stripes. Continue this process until you reach the end.

After all the boards are covered with washi stripes, put a thin layer of mod podge over the entire board. I let my cork boards sit for a day or two and when I came back to finish up I noticed that the wonderful humidity had caused most of my washi tape to roll off the cork. Mod Podge prevents that. When your boards are dry, put the 3M picture strips on the back of all 4 boards. I did one strip in each top corner because that was all I had. Finally, hang that bad boy on the wall. The end. Easy peasy.

I also made some cute flower push pins to hang things on my board so I'll have that simple tutorial up soon

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