Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Project 18: Charm Bracelets

Keeping with my promise to finish out the 29 by 30 projects, I present the easiest diy charm bracelet {dramatic pause} In. The. World.

Bracelet Cording
Jumprings (4mm and 6mm 20 gauge)
End Caps
Basic Jewelry Tools (pictured below)

For these bracelets I used cotton cording that I got from Michaels but you can use any type of cording. I started out by cutting 2 strips of cord, each measuring about 10.5 inches long. Fold the cord in half and knot around the charm (slide ends of cord through the loop around the charm to make an easy knot). At this point I measure my bracelet around my wrist and make sure to subtract a little length from the cords to account for the clasp and jumprings (I like my bracelets tight on my wrist). Put the end caps on the cord and cut the extra length. Attach the clasp with a 4mm jumpring and use the 6mm 20 gauge jumpring for the clasp close. I like using thicker jumprings for the clasp ends because it takes me forever to clasp bracelets so the jumpring needs to be sturdy.

I've got a long list of possible jewelry diy's so expect lots more.


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