Friday, December 21, 2012

Tis the Season

I had the pleasure of spending last night with some awesome ladies from work, eating great food, talking and laughing. It was our department holiday dinner and I had a blast and probably gained an extra 20lbs in an hour. The food was the bomb. I love spending time with friends and I am so fortunate to have met some of my best friends at work.

shrimp and grits - DA BOMB

I realized last night after I got home that this is a time for family and friends not stressing. I'm almost completely finished with gifts but I found myself second guessing some gifts and the amount spent on certain people. Every year I promise myself that next year will be different. I'll worry less and laugh more. I propose that everyone from this day forward try and spend the rest of the year loving and celebrating life. I know I will be doing just that - at 5pm today, I officially have the next 11 days off from work :0) Starting my list of craft projects now!


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