Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 29 by 30 - Project 15: DIY Diaper Cake and an Icecream Shower

One of my sweetest friends is having her second child, her first little boy. We had her icecream baby shower last week at work so I made her a super cute diaper cake. I searched all over Pinterest and googled the mess out of tutorials. I didn't use one specific tutorial but here is my take on the diaper cake.

Ribbon {or anything else to decorate with}

Cut a circle in the cardboard for your cake to sit on. All those diapers get really heavy and you'll need something sturdy to sit them on. I used 150 diapers but you can definitely work with less. Fold each diaper in half and when there's 5 or 6, put a piece of twine around the diapers to help keep them together as you fold more. I just eyed it, folded a bunch until I got the circle of dipaers the size I wanted. Tighten and tie the twine to keep the circular shape. Fill in the center of the circle with more folded diapers and because I had a ton of diapers I rolled some up and put them in the center as well. Make each layer a tad smaller than the first. I added ribbon to each layer and had these cute clear boxes that I stuck some rolled onesies into and placed on top. TA DA!

And now some pics from Jenn's shower:

Isn't she gorgeous?!?!

Jenn and my beautiful Mommy!!


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