Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The 29 by 30 - Project 13: DIY Braided Wrap Bracelet and Chain Ring

For this next DIY jewelry project, I didn't measure or take tons of pictures because they're really that easy. I got my inspiration from a couple of places because I literally pin ALL jewelry that I see. You can find all of those jewelry pins on my Pinterest jewelry board.

Braided Wrap Bracelet with Charms:
I used several different hues of blue embroidery thread (I think 4 different colors) and a gold embroidery thread. All of which I bought at JoAnn craft store. I didn't measure - just made it really, really long. remember it's going to be shorter after you braid it. For each color of embroidery thread, I separated the individual strands of thread. {This may sound super confusing so let me try and explain - Take your navy embroidery thread. Look at the end: let's say there are 9 individual threads twisted together. Separate that into 3 sets of three. You need three "bundles" of thread to make a braid.) I did the separating for every color so that I had 3 separate strands (each strand having ALL of the colors) and braided those together. I tied a simple double knot at the ends. Found some cute charms, put them on a jumpring and then threaded the jumpring through the knots. Once I closed the jumprings, I added a dot of LocTite super glue so secure it. Voila. You can see in the pics that I just wrap it around my wrist a couple of times and then loosely double knot it.

The chain ring is even easier. I needed a simple gold ring to wear and while I was working on the Chain and Rhinestone bracelet, I just whipped a ring up. Take the chain measure out the number of links you need, cut off the excess, and connect the two ends. I think I used 7 or 8 links. It will of course depend on the size of the chain's links. Simple DIY ring.

What kind of jewelry would you like to see a tutorial for? I promise to include pics :0)

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