Thursday, September 13, 2012

The 29 by 30 - Project 9: DIY Painted Jars

This was one of those projects that I was super excited about and therefore didn't take many pictures of the actual process. I've pinned a bunch of repurposed jar tutorials on Pinterest so I started keeping our old sauce jars {even emptied out some stuff in the fridge just so I'd have more jars to paint} in hopes of doing something with them eventually. I was inspired by this wonderful pin from matsutake but there are a ton of different tutorials on painting the jars.

Puff Paint

I started by washing and drying my jars. I had to soak a couple of them to get the stickers off and on the super stubborn jars I used nail polish remover to get the leftover sticky or any ink off. For my "inside-the-jar" paint, I used some of the small paint sample jars from Lowe's. {They go on sale when the new season's paint colors come out and they're super cheap!!. The samples are smaller than a ginormous can but they sure do go a LOOONG way.} I do want to add that the opening of the paint is rather wide so I made a pretty good mess trying to pour paint directly into the jars. Small bottles of craft paint would probably be better so that you could just squeeze the paint into the jar. After I poured the paint in the jars, I rolled it around to cover the entire inside of the glass. Then set all the jars upside down to let the excess paint drip out, moving it every couple of minutes so the jar wouldn't stick to the cardboard.

When the paint completely dried an hour or two later, I decorated the outside with Tulip puff paint. Hobby Lobby has a ton of different brands of dimensional fabric/puff paints but Tulip had ginormous bottles of gold and silver so I used those. I will puff paint until the bottle runs out - no wasting here!! I had to paint the outside in steps - puffed out my design {can you call it drawing if you're really kinda puffing it out???} and then let the jars dry before I could finish because I kept sticking my finger in wet paint so I would suggest having some kind of platform to set the jars on if you want to paint it all at once.

I decorated 5 jars, inside and out, and then had no idea what to actually do with them so they're just kinda hanging out in random places around my house but I think it adds a nice pop of color. Maybe I'll throw some flowers in them :)

 If you would like some more tutorials on jar crafts, check out my Pinterest boards HERE.

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