Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The 29 by 30 - Project 8: DIY Ruffle Lampshade

Have you ever looked around a room in your house and felt the desperate need to change everything? Yeah, me too. On a daily basis actually. We've had the same boring maroon floor lamp in our livingroom since I moved in years ago and while we were anxiously awaiting Hurricane Isaac's arrival last week, I finally got the chance to start on a new lampshade.

Needle and Thread
Glue Gun
LOTS of Glue Sticks

The Hubs and I bought the lampshade at Goodwill for a couple of dollars. I swear this thing is from the 70's. It's made of some kind of material I've never felt before and was pretty much impenetrable. The fabric was leftover from my repurposed curtains. My same confession on every post is true in this case as well. I do not know what I'm doing. I pretty much make up the "steps" as I go. I read a couple tutorials, check my stash o' goodies and make do. No rhyme or reason.

 I took my fabric and randomly cut long strips. Again, I don't sew and have literally made fabric ruffles once  but I'm kinda obsessed with the monotonous motion of the whole needle and thread thing. Anywho, I made a ton of ruffles and measured around the lampshade as I went.

Glued each ruffle layer individually so they are on top of each other, starting on the bottom of the shade about an inch of shade in between each layer. I put hot glue only where I wanted to place the top gathered portion of the ruffle and made sure to push the fabric into it. Don't want it falling apart :)


When I reached the top of the shade, I realized I hadn't thought the project through well enough. The only thread that I had on hand were some tiny spools that came in a sewing kit. I ran out of thread quite often so there's about 5 different colors in there but you can't see the gathers when it's covered by the next layer of ruffle. By the time I reached the top, I was on bright yellow so I skipped the thread and ruffled directly onto the shade by gathering the linen into the hot glue.  TA DA! DIY ruffled lampshade.

If you want to check out some more ruffling projects, you can go to THIS pinterest board where I've obsessively pinned the mess out of some ruffle tutorials.

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Actually prettier than the picture and the picture is really pretty:)