Monday, August 6, 2012

The Weekend - In Pics

We dressed up and {kinda} acted like adults this weekend...

Yeah we were that group sticking our heads in the Ben & Jerry's sign in the middle of Hard Rock.

This is my most favoritest dress EVER! Have you ever had one of those moments of panic when you realize that you have absolutely nothing that you feel comfortable in to wear to a wedding that's in less than 24 hours but then at the last minute you find the perfect dress and it's pure happiness? I did that. And because I'm dramatic, it was like panic times ten. I mean the world was probably going to end.

Look at that lace!! Love it, Love it, Love it!

I started working on a bigger version of this pic you might have seen on Instagram. If you'd like to follow me: Jennp1751. Check back later this week for my next project :0)

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