Monday, July 23, 2012

The 29 by 30 - Project 4: Repurposed Curtains and a No Sew Valance

Still truckin along with my projects and loving every second of it. I've got several crafts going at once as is my style. The poor dining room is catching most of the scraps and trash while at the same time being the object of my redecorating. It's a catch 22.

I bought this green patterned fabric at a local fabric store with the intention of using it on my bookshelf but I like it too much to hide it behind books and it has the Hubs' approval. If there had been enough I would have "papered" a wall with it  the second after it was accepted by Mr. I-love-brown.  Instead I perused through my Pinterest boards and was inspired by the no sew valance over at Cherry Street Cottage.  

Materials for the valance:
Stitch Witchery or hem tape
Ribbon - to gather valance and for tabs
Needle and thread - to ruffle ribbon
Glue Gun

First, I measured my curtain rod and the window and decided on the width that I wanted the valance - I wanted it to extend past the curtain only slightly. Add a couple of inches to these measurements to allow for hemming. After cutting the fabric, I folded the edge (pattern facing the ironing board) and ironed it to get a nice straight seam for hemming THEN I added the Stich Witchery.  Iron the hem tape as directed and let cool. At this point I used another trick from Welcome to Heardmont and hot glued ribbon to the back of the fabric for tabs to hang on the curtain rod. No rhyme or reason to this. I cut and glued. I might have forgotten that I needed something to actually hang the valance on the rod so this was a last minute addition.  I also forgot to buy some cute material to gather the valance so I improvised and used some lime green ribbon that I already had. I wanted something extra so I ruffled ribbon FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!! I don't sew and rarely use a needle and thread for anything other than sewing up dog toys but now I'm considering putting ruffles on everything. So anyway, ruffled ribbon and then safety pinned it together after creating the perfect amount of gather in the center of the valance.

Materials for the curtains:
Old curtains OR canvas drop cloth
Stitch Witchery

I originally wanted to buy a canvas drop cloth and make curtains (they're cheap and have the appearance of linen) but remembered some old linen curtains that were shoved in a closet. After ironing the curtains, I measured their width and cut my fabric with a couple of extra inches again for the hem. Like I said, I don't sew and sewing by hand would have taken forever. I hemmed the fabric with Stitch Witchery and then used the hem tape to attach the fabric to the curtains. Don't judge! It was 1 o'clock in the morning and I was excited to get my pretty fabric up. I'm a bit of a slacker, hem tape is easy. C'est la vie.


 What DIY home projects have you tried lately? I'm always up for a new challenge.




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debby said...

the green and white are such light and breezy colors and the pattern is wonderfully beachy which is perfect for down here:)