Monday, July 2, 2012

Shop Update: Jewelry by Jenn

I recently started on my new craft room redo which I will definitely write more on later. While organizing everything, I also started digging through all of my beads and gathering more destash items to put in the shop. Let's just say there is no shortage of beads and jewelry findings in my craft room or any other room for that matter. I'm going through a crafty phase right now that, in all honesty, is completely selfish. I want to keep everything I make for myself or in the very least give to my family so that I can see it on a regular basis.  I'm still completely enamored with making jewelry but Pinterest and all my craft projects have totally taken over. That's a good thing for crafters and jewelry-makers on Etsy. You now get a shot at all my destash items. Expect lots of Swarovski crystals, glass beads, pearls, pendants, etc.

heart pendant

czech glass beads

Go to my shop Jewelry by Jenn for more items and handmade jewelry.

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