Monday, July 16, 2012

The 29 by 30 - Project 3: Pretty Papered Bookshelf

Yet another dining room redo. I was inspired by Diane's fabric-covered shelves at In My Own Style. Except her bookshelf is super cute and from Ikea. Our shelving came from the uber exclusive WalMart. Wally World also has some cute wrapping paper which just so happened to come home with me while grocery shopping last weekend. I originally had a green and white patterned fabric in mind for this project but wrapping paper is so much more pliable {and cheaper at $4/roll}.

Super Easy: After measuring the backs of each shelf, I taped some cardboard together, wrapped the cardboard like a present and voila! Purdy shelves.

Not a great picture but you get the idea :) I'm knocking these projects outta the park!!

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debby said...

It looks like an entirely different bookcase and the lighter background makes the shelving stand out - I love it!!