Monday, July 9, 2012

The 29 by 30 Project 2: Embroidery Hoops

Don't you love the patterns on this fabric.

For my second project I dug up some old fabric that I've had for years and added it to some embroidery hoops. Easiest project ever! I'm decorating the bedroom so the Hubs and I slapped those babies on the wall above the headboard and they look fabulous. That's pretty much the only decor in the bedroom right now but I'll reveal the rest of the room after I get some more projects under my belt. The first big addition to our bedroom was the farmhouse bed {on Ana White's site} Jared made in the beginning of the year.  It's going to be tough decorating around that big piece of awesomeness.

Through my project list I'm slowly trying to add some pizazz to our house.  The house has definitely come a long way since Jared's single days. He likes brown. I like bright colors and fun stuff. They're one in the same right?! Color = FUN. I think the Hubs has gotten over the initial shock of having something other than khaki in the house. I mean I painted the main bath yellow. Enough said.

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