Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm in love

No, this is not the story of when Jared met Jenn. That's a tale best left untold (too many seedy bars and sweaty dance sequences).

I am in love with my new craft room. The room itself was one big mess and despite all my efforts to clean it up, I buy way too many supplies to actually keep it clean. The hubs (who I am also in love with despite our questionable "dating" venues) threw together this super awesome craft desk with built in storage and plopped that baby in the cleared out craft space. The room is small so organizing all my junk was key.

You can find the plans for the craft table on Ana White's site as well as the farmhouse bed in the previous post. Jared did make a slight alteration to the original plans. Instead of having a floating tabletop, he cut the top wider and added a lip so that it fits over the two shelves. That one difference will make it so much easier to take apart if we ever move. That husband of mine is a thinker!!

The above pic is the only decent one I took but I'm still in the process of getting my crafts put away and labeled so there will be plenty of pictures to come. I haven't mastered the art of taking pictures that don't feature one of my 3 furbabies or piles of their toys and miscellaneous crap. Hence the whited-out portion of the picture and Bella's butt. 

If you're interested in the real life picture of what my poor pitiful craft room used to look like:
The Before....please don't judge!!

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Nissa said...

Ha I'm glad I'm not the only one with a craft room that looks like a tornado went through it :) Like you mine is also small and it's way too hard to keep it clean and organized. Sometimes I end up on the floor because there's no space on the table :)

Anonymous said...

I need Jared to make me a table. I love it.
Donna Rivers