Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picture Vomit

Last night the Hubs surprised me with a movie night. Like the kind of night where we pull out the couch bed and wallow around with all three furbabies. Cheesy I know but the babies love it and it's not often that Jared actually agrees to watch movies with me. Which is why I also made him take a thousand pictures of us in various poses of hysterical laughter. My favorite being the one above. Later I was looking through my phone and noticed how many pictures Jared takes of me while I sleep. This can be considered A) very sweet or B) extremely creepy. Since he does this and then mysteriously forgets to tell me about most of them and because these pictures are far from flattering, I'm gonna go with B. He apparently finds it funny to do this. Anyone else see the humor in these pics? Yeah, me neither.

Every experience is a learning experience. So from this I've learned that I have to hide my phone when I'm drowsy, my sleepy face is fat and I am probably smothering my furbabies a little too much. They're just so darn cuddly.

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