Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I think I may love that word...doodling??? I've been feeling really creative lately which has probably drove Jared a tad bit crazy. I'm scatter-brained and when that is mixed with my creative impulses it leads to mass confusion. For instance: I originally started drawing with my favorite pen. Like literally drawing on everything. Then I busted the water colors out and was painting on random paper because I had to test out different paper of course. So I bought tons of multi purpose sketch books. That lead to water color pencils, sharpies, white-out pens on black canvas, childrens black scratch paper, scratch boards, etc. And we're supposed to be living on a budget. I'm going to assume that budget allows for tons of craft/art supplies. The above pictures are some of my mixed media doodles. Here is my inspiration:

Alisa Burke

I love Alisa Burke's drawings. I mean you look at those and and it's hard to call them doodles. She has this creative blog where she shares a lot of her art. You should go check her out here, she's awesome!

{Doodle inspiration can also be found on Pinterest here}

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LOVE your drawings!!!