Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picture Vomit

Last night the Hubs surprised me with a movie night. Like the kind of night where we pull out the couch bed and wallow around with all three furbabies. Cheesy I know but the babies love it and it's not often that Jared actually agrees to watch movies with me. Which is why I also made him take a thousand pictures of us in various poses of hysterical laughter. My favorite being the one above. Later I was looking through my phone and noticed how many pictures Jared takes of me while I sleep. This can be considered A) very sweet or B) extremely creepy. Since he does this and then mysteriously forgets to tell me about most of them and because these pictures are far from flattering, I'm gonna go with B. He apparently finds it funny to do this. Anyone else see the humor in these pics? Yeah, me neither.

Every experience is a learning experience. So from this I've learned that I have to hide my phone when I'm drowsy, my sleepy face is fat and I am probably smothering my furbabies a little too much. They're just so darn cuddly.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

When it rains, it pours

I have officially changed my mind about the rain. I used to love stormy weather and the warm, fuzzy curl-up-with-a-book feelings it evoked. Not so much anymore. It poured all weekend which lead to a messy house, flooded yard, restless dogs and a very bored craftomaniac.Sooo I busted out some thread and shiny stuff and got to work.

Rhinestone bracelets galore
Knotted pastel bracelets
Spent way too much time on Pinterest searching glitter nails

Thursday, June 7, 2012


My dear sweet Momma Llamma turned 60 this year. I love this woman to death so of course I put my party hat on and started planning a surprise party for her. As with any occassion, there were a few hiccups with the venue folks but the party itself was fabulous. I know I had a blast and Mom got to have a special night.

I have the most awesome friends and sister (the preggers girl on the left end)!! They support me and my mom :)

Sweet Momma Llamma

The cakes were bought at Target because I'm not trying to completely exhaust myself and pretend I can make a perfectly ruffled cake. I made the cute heart toppers with my Cricut, glitter card stock, and cookie sticks that were on sale at Joann. The inspiration came from the paper pony's beautiful cake. You can't even see the rest of the decor because I was too busy guzzling sipping wine to take closeup/decent pictures. There's a banner of black and white photos of Mom throughout the years behind the cake, some no sew fabric flowers in a mason jar in the right corner, and a uber cute fabric banner around the table. One of these days I'll learn to take pictures like a true blogger would. One of these days....

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I think I may love that word...doodling??? I've been feeling really creative lately which has probably drove Jared a tad bit crazy. I'm scatter-brained and when that is mixed with my creative impulses it leads to mass confusion. For instance: I originally started drawing with my favorite pen. Like literally drawing on everything. Then I busted the water colors out and was painting on random paper because I had to test out different paper of course. So I bought tons of multi purpose sketch books. That lead to water color pencils, sharpies, white-out pens on black canvas, childrens black scratch paper, scratch boards, etc. And we're supposed to be living on a budget. I'm going to assume that budget allows for tons of craft/art supplies. The above pictures are some of my mixed media doodles. Here is my inspiration:

Alisa Burke

I love Alisa Burke's drawings. I mean you look at those and and it's hard to call them doodles. She has this creative blog where she shares a lot of her art. You should go check her out here, she's awesome!

{Doodle inspiration can also be found on Pinterest here}

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Organized Obsessions

My super awesome hubby gave me a Cricut for Christmas and because I have a sick obsession with ALWAYS having to be in the midst of doing something, I started a paper goods shop. My new Etsy shop: Organized Obsessions. As of right now, the shop is full of kraft paper tags, chalkboard vinyl labels, tags with washi tape images, etc. I have a ton of other "paper goods" that I want to start adding to the shop as well. I will definitely be sharing pictures of new items as I post them.

Hand Stamped Robot Tags

Flower Kraft Tags

Chalkboard Vinyl Labels

Heart Punch Tags

Red, White, and Blue Tags

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