Sunday, January 1, 2012

Toodles to 2011

Happy New Year!!! I've had a memorable year and I'm really excited to have another great one. I hope everyone's got those resolutions ready. I'm afraid my list of resolutions {yes, I said "list"} is long. But I've got all year to work on them.

Numero Uno: Make a collage of awesomeness. Done!!

In the past year: I got engaged. Added a cute little dachshund to our brood. Ate lots of cake. Danced. Watched my family become larger. Made funny faces. Painted some pictures. Made lots of crafts. Stalked a couple of blogs. Danced some more. Made an awesome candy table. Walked for boobies. Became Minnie Mouse. Drank several bottles of champagne. Discovered my inner dancing queen AGAIN. Spent lots of time with friends. Had a great Christmas. Married my Love! Celebrated lots. Got the best In-Laws. Became an Aunt. Had the Happiest Year EVER!!!

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debby said...

Pretty awesome year for you and I love the collage♥