Friday, January 13, 2012


Last night was my first time volunteering at ARF Mobile. My good friend Mandy is a regular volunteering master and loves furbabies just as much as I do. It took her all of 2 seconds to convince me to come help out. I love it!! Those babies are in desperate need of love and attention.They definitely got their share of it last night. The Animal Rescue Foundation saves these sweet things from local shelters and living on the streets. They're up to date on their shots, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, fed, loved,etc.

 I couldn't decide on which one picture to share so I picked a couple...

Bronte - look at those sweet eyes! She is too cute and it's the most heart breaking thing to
see how wary she is of humans. Don't you just want to hold and hug on her all day?!?!
Reggae - love those eyes!! He was rescued from a local shelter after his family gave him up.
You can see how well mannered he is. He just chilled the whole time I was there.
Memphis - there's something about this hound that makes me want to crawl in that kennel
and snuggle. I've got a thing for big ole, beautiful eyes I guess.

Wrecks - this baby and his sister, Paisley, reminded me of my baby Bella.
I couldn't stay away from them.

Taylor - I think I found a fave! She has my niece's name and she's sweet as pie!
She was so good too!!

Sweetheart - got lots of love from Mandy. She's been at ARF for a while and
I just can't understand why. She loves hugs and attention. I would love to
see her adopted to a forever home.

These babies all need forever homes. I was there for a couple of hours last night and wanted to take all of them home.  I would bend over to get kisses from one baby, just to be pawed in the rear by the puppy behind me. They're all too sweet to be without a loving family.

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Mandy said...

I love it! All these babies are just the sweetest things ever. I am so glad you started volunteering with me, especially since you love dog poo (Haha). Can't wait til next week, when once again I will join Sweetheart in her kennel :).