Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!!!! I wanted to share our Christmas tree on this wonderful day. I'm exhausted and currently in the comatose state that usually follows a busy day. Now we just get to lay around and enjoy our time with the furbabies.

I love Christmas decorations, especially the ones that I pick out myself. It's that inner control freak thing :) The theme for my plethora of Christmas decor this year is different hues of blue and silver and white. Had I finished all my decorations, our house would have been a winterblue wonderland. I'm easily distracted though and Jared and I exchanged gifts WAY early so I've been playing with the Cricut ever since. Sadly, my decorations took a backseat to all the fun presents I've been making with my new toy.

I took all the pictures below with my new iPhone that I have been coveting for the longest time. I did manage to make some cute glitter ornaments and bought some from WalMart for the cheap and no onw would ever know they were from Wally World. Well, of course until now. Please ignore the clutter around our poor fake tree. Our house just isn't big enough for all our stuff.

Geaux Saints!!!

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Therese's Treasures said...

Jenn, That is a beautiful tree.