Thursday, November 10, 2011

Etsy Obsession - Owl & Thistle

Keeping in mind that I will be making my own Christmas cards this year and I totally NEED everything in her shop, I'd like to introduce you to Owl & Thistle. Introduce = I have been stalking their shop and would like you to as well :) Laurl, one of the two sisters who have created this magnificence, also happens to be on our Etsy team Alabama Accents! I am feeling like a proud team momma right now. There are tons of other great shops on our team and I'll be posting on more of the members' shops later. So back to the goodness of her shop.

Lace tape!!!!! I am in love with lace and doilies (among everything else) and O&T is filled with it all.

If that's not enough to convince you to hurry over to their shop, I don't know what is! I'll be over there buying some of the lace tape .2 seconds after I hit publish on this post so you better get it before I do!!!

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laurl said...

Thanks for posting items from my Owl and Thistle store. These items are so much fun to create and have endless applications. I hope you post your Christmas cards so we can all take a gander and enjoy your creativity!
Please use my holiday coupon code HOLIDAYBLOG on my site for a 15% discount for the rest of the year!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh yummy fun I have to go favorite! Thanks!