Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Party Pics

Now that I've gone through all of my pictures I realize that I completely forgot to take pictures. Yeah, my memory is horrid. I took some awful pictures of some of the crafts before the actual party but they're really craptastic.  Now that you've been warned, I'll share some of the decorations.

I found a lot of my decorations at Dollar Tree and Dollar General. There were so many cute things that I could have taken pictures of but I had a major brain fart instead. These spider webs crack me up. I put them in the corner as well to disguise Jared's Xbox and Shooter keeps getting stuck in them. He's funny like that.

Dana from MADE inspired these spooky paper bats. Country Living has the template for the bats HERE. You'll need lots of black cardstock. The thicker cardstock is better to keep the "bat" shape. I used double sided tape to attach them which has worked GREAT but the bats are starting to fall off the wall and stick to other surfaces which is really confusing the furbabies. Milo, the great protector that he is, watches them fall and then sniffs them for 30 minutes until he gets bored and moves on.

The skulls are my fave!! I waited until they went on sale at Michaels and swooped them up. They're papermache skulls that I painted black and then painted over with purple glitter.

These Google Eye Frames were inspired by this post. Michaels has all kinds of different shaped wood frames for $1. Paint em up, let it dry and glue some googly eyes to it. I'm obsessed with LocTite and its awesome so that's the glue I used. {Really, it only takes the tiniest drop...ahem, Steph. Talking to you!}

The free printable for this Happy Haunting banner was featured on Tip Junkie a little while ago. Isn't it the cutest?! The banner was cute on it's own but I had to add some glitter. I just painted some Elmer's glue on different sections of the paper with a stiff paintbrush and tossed some glitter on it. I found the super fine glitter at the Dollar Tree. They have packs of glitter with 5 or 6 coordinating colors for a dollar!!!! Greatest find EVER. I've been crushing on Martha's Glitter Set and finally bought it the other day when it was on sale at Michaels just to come home and find my Dollar Tree glitter that's just as awesome. I'm too much of a freak to use the Martha glitter anyway. It's like when you buy some really cute fabric and it's so fantabulous that you don't want to cut into it. Does that just happen to me?? Anyhooo.  After playing in glitter, I found some old twine and taped the different triangles to the twine with double-sided tape. I'm not going to lie, whatever is easiest is what I'm going to do. I'll tape the crap out of something as long as it keeps me from having to spend too much time on it.  Where the twine was taped to the wall, I painted some small wooden pumpkins and scaredy cats and double-sided-taped them over the twine.

For my loverly guests I stole profile pics from Facebook and made them super spooky. Skulls, lightning out of eyes, bloody wounds, etc. Then put those on some cute Halloween cardstock and gave them away as party favors. If you're interested in totally destroying Halloweenifying some pictures of your own you should definitely check out Picnik.

And last but certainly not least: Proof of how "different" my little furbaby Shooter is. He's laying on top of the couch like Milo the cat does. Getting him down was hilariously irritating. To the left you can see Bella's SpongeBob blanket that I continue to put on the couch hoping she would lay on it instead of in my seat. Yeah, doesn't happen.

So that was part of my Halloween-themed jewelry party. There was more but my brain farted. Toodles ;0)

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