Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I {heart} Purple Owl Earrings

Have you ever had a favorite piece of jewelry? One that you always wear. It becomes your go-to jewelry whenever you feel that need to adorn yourself. Being a jewelry maker, I pretty much feel that way about everything I make. Even my crafts make me feel that way. Especially my crafts. I spend all that time putting together all my ideas. It's usually something I've made because I REALLY liked it but I often don't get a chance to make it for myself. I make the first pair and then move on before I end up keeping it. Today, I'm giving one of my favorite pair of earrings away. The best Momma in the world, my mom, bought my owl earrings. I made these earrings and instantly fell in love with them. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't love purple owl earrings?! I'm glad they're going to her because I know she'll take good care of them and that I can steal them back the next time I "visit" her at the house :)

Bye-Bye my friends. I'll see you soon!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

Hahaha they remind me of my twins lol!