Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp: Week 2

I'm a little behind in the Boot Camp. I'm pretty sure I should be finishing up with Week 3 at this point so I'll be catching up today and reporting back later on my progress.

Week 2 To Do List:
* Study Stocking Up for the Holidays
* Fill out the holiday product worksheet
* Create my own to do list for launching holiday products
* Check in with this week's Etsy Success Forum Thread - Done
* Consult with my Holiday Boot Camp Buddy - Done :)
* Keep an eye on my Search Ad Stats

I'm still on the fence about the Search Ads. If you're an Etsy seller and want to find out more about Search Ads you can click on this. From my reading this is what I gather on the ads: When you search for a specific item or a keyword of something you'd like to buy, the search results page pops up with all relevant items. If you're a seller, you can pay to have your items pop up in a highlighted section of the search results page, therefore, having your products displayed not only at the top of the page but in a highlighted section. Sounds like a good idea and it is but I now have to decide on a budget for my product to be in the Search Ads.

My Boot Camp Buddy is Shari at lagoldenbiche. She and I are both behind on our To Do's but we're well on our way to becoming Fantabulous Holiday Etsy Sellers (our new super hero names). If you're not a seller on Etsy and this is a foreign language to you, go check out Shari's shop HERE. She has some awesome vintage clothes that make me want to live in her closet (but totally not in a stalkerish kind of way)!

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