Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yarn Wreaths - My new crafty obsession

Sorry I've been MIA this weekend. I've been busy crafting :) If you follow me on Pinterest, you know by my recent pins that I'm obsessed with yarn wreaths and felt flowers. I think they're gorgeous. Unfortunately, with the recent downpours we've been experiencing in Mobile, I'm currently keeping my wreaths on the dining room table. I will more than likely find some wall space to hang a couple (or 12) of these beauties.

For this fall wreath I wrapped some cheapo grey yarn around the straw wreath and hot glued some accessories to the yarn. For the felt flowers I used this tutorial from Mrs Priss. I found the cute glitter leaves at Dollar Tree and the bright orange berries came from Hobby Lobby ($1.99 with 50% off...not too shabby).

For this blue and black wreath I used some awesome black tweed yarn with little flecks of color in it. I'm not a yarn connoisseur by any means obviously. I found the tutorial for these fantabulous felt flowers here at Snips and Spice. These flowers are my fave. You have to do a little work for them but they are so cute.

This is a present for someone so I don't want to say too much about it yet. I'm thinking that I'm not quite finished with it now that I look at the picture. I'll have to do some sprucing.

How sweet is this yarn. You can mix any color(s) with it.

Some pointers I wanted to mention:
Wreaths can be kinda pricey so if you live near a Hobby Lobby, check your ads for when they're on sale. I got mine for 50% off.
Keep your wreath in the plastic especially if it's straw like mine. The thicker pieces were already choking my yarn up = aggravating
The grey wreath is medium-sized and I only used about half a thing of yarn for it. I am Little Miss Perfectionist so I wrapped sections several times and even went behind myself to tighten the yarn on occasion. The tighter it's wrapped, the less of a chance that the straw will peek through.
The large wreath of course uses more yarn but not quite an entire roll (probably the wrong term).
Ummmm what else....
The first set of felt flowers...the pom poms...seriously keep the bottom lined up when you're rolling the felt. My first flower looked a hot mess!

Other than that, have fun and make it pretty...whatever IT may be!

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CraftyHope said...

Those look great! I think you may have inspired me. I've been wanting to make some wreaths for my front door and you've made such beautiful ones that I think I might just break down and do it. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Jenn said...

Thank you :) You should totally make some! These were actually pretty easy to make. Can't wait to see the pretty wreaths you make!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Nice wreaths Jenn, your friend is going to love the one for her. I have always enjoyed making wreaths.