Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rhinestone Bangle

A while ago I started making a craft binder full of crafty inspiration. Basically it's another way for my OCD to shine :0) I've recently started following Miss Lovie and all her crafty creations. You should definitely check out her blog. She has some awesome tutorials! One of my faves is her Thread and Rhinestone Bracelets Tutorial  soooo I made my own......

The Rhinestone Bangle

I used black and grey embroidery threads with purple metallic thread = gorgeous

Allie's tutorial is spot on! The first part about the thread is a tad bit confusing so my advice is to get the embroidery thread first, then try to read through it all. It will make perfect sense once you have the actual thread in your hands. Another thing that I did different: instead of using mod podge, I used LocTite Super Glue. I am truly in love with LocTite. I use it for everything. It takes a tiny drop, dries fast and bonds EVERY thing together. I used hot glue to adhere the string to the inside of the bangle and after I wrapped the entire bangle, I used LocTite to secure the end of the thread. I used LocTite for the rhinestone chain as well, a little drop under every 4th or 5th rhinestone and the chain definitely stayed in place.

Bought my bangles at WalMart for $5 (set of 5, with only 3 being thick enough), threads came from JoAnn's, and rhinestone chain came from Etsy. I haven't checked Hancock (where Allie got her chain) to see if they have the chain but don't worry I will!

Super cute bangles and an awesome tutorial!

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