Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Martha Does Halloween

Although the weather says Summer, it is officially fall and I'm ready for the holidays!! Not ready as in prepared. I have a habit of adding on to my project list and therefore never being truly finished with any occasion's crafts. So lets just say that I can't wait to start decorating for Halloween. I've never had a Halloween party or really decorated for Halloween specifically but this year I am. I'm doing it for myself and because I love having a reason to make things. And where else would I go for crafty inspiration but the domestic goddess herself: Martha Stewart.

Here are some of Martha's fabulous Halloween crafts{and I want to make every last one of them!}. Click on the link below the pictures and she even offers tutorials. How much more awesome can she get?!

Vellum Lanterns
Spooky Bat Garland
Spidery Window Decor

Glitter Pumpkins Centerpiece

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debby said...

I love all the Halloween decorations but especially the spider candles for the windows♥