Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm in to Hair Feathers Now

I'm participating in a craft fair in Mobile in December that I'm VERY excited about {More details on the craft fair later}. It's not only given me a reason to make all kinds of new and fantabulous jewelry and crafts but I also have a chance to decorate a booth. I might be more excited about decorating the tables and displays. Sooo I've been stalking Pick Your Plum daily for good deals on things to have at my booth. Stalking way more than usual, might I add. Then one spectacular day, they had feather hair extensions.  Real feathers. Pretty colors. Yes, please.

 I received the feather extensions last week and they are so cute!! Bright colors, pink, turquoise, yellow, etc. I want some for myself!! The ONLY bad thing {I say "bad" very loosely b/c I absolutely LOVE their deals} about PYP is that there's a maximum number that you can purchase on one item. Which can also be viewed as a positive because otherwise my bank account would be empty.

Here's some info straight from PYP's website on the feathers that I received:
2 sets of colors!
Look like a 'Rock Star' set of colors
(Blue, Green, Pink, White and Red)
Feel like a 'Super Star' set of colors
(Turquoise, Rust, Yellow, Orange, Brown)
The crimp beads have a silicone lining to prevent slipping.  The feathers measure 6-8.5 inches and are thin.  Because these are the real deal the length does vary.  These feathers can be washed, blown dry, curled or flat ironed!!!!  Wear 2-6 weeks. 

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