Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Old Friends

I've gone through many phases of jewelry-making. I went through a chain and swarovski crystal phase BIG TIME. A lot of pieces have expired on Etsy and I'm ready to sell it, get it to someone who will wear it. I've been busy taking new pictures, trying to spice it them up a bit. In all honesty, my craft room is getting a bit out of control. I've got to start getting some crafts and jewelry outta here. The other day Jd called me a hoarder. Is it really a bad thing to have "too many" crafts?! I think not but my overcrowded office looks to disagree. Once I get a crafty idea in my head, I buy everything I need to make as many as possible. The only problem is, I often find something else to make before I get a chance to put together a hundred of the previous craft. That's how I roll. So if you're interested in some handmade"Swarovski and Chain Phase", OOAK jewelry head over to my shop in the next couple of days and check out some of my pieces.


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debby said...

Oh gosh I had totally forgotten about some of these pieces!!!! I already see the black n silver earring living with me:) Remember variety is the spice of life!!

Anonymous said...

I still break out my crystal jewelry from the DMC days!!! Love them ALLLL :)