Friday, September 30, 2011

Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp

Super excited about this year's Holiday Boot Camp. I've set a lot of goals for myself this year and one of them was to start things and actually follow through...the whole way through. That applies to my shop, my blog, crafts, etc. I plan to do that with the Boot Camp as well. To join the boot camp, sign up for the Etsy Success newsletter and it will be sent directly to your email. The first email came out on the 22nd with a list of to-dos and we all know how much I love lists. The first week's to-dos:

Week 1 To Do List:
*Read this week's blog post on Etsy: A Flying Start - Done
*Fill out the Holiday Budget Worksheet - I'm scared but working on it
*Print and apply the Holiday Boot Camp stickers to my calendar - Done
*Share my personal holiday goals - Just did
*Find my Holiday Boot Camp buddy - Working on that now :)
*Get familiar with Etsy's Search Ads

My personal holiday goal is to have awesome customer service and to create new pieces. I always strive for great customer service and I completely understand that during the holidays people can get a bit frazzled so my goal is to do my best to help prevent that in any way possible. Create new pieces - The style of jewelry and accessories in my shop has definitely evolved since I first opened. I started out with swarovski crystals and silver, slowly got into gold and charms and chain. Now I'm in love with bright colors: flowers, feathers. I've started making rings and have tried my hand at hair clips and bobby pins. I'd like to try something new. Headbands? Maybe try a new style of hair clips?

Any suggestions? Its time for something new and I will attempt to make just about anything once. And if you have participated in Holiday Boot Camp in the past, any advice would be well appreciated.

Now I'm off to get familiar to Etsy's Search Ads

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