Thursday, September 22, 2011

Etsy Obsession: Joom

I love me some bright colors. Who wouldn't?! So you can completely understand why I would love Joom's Etsy shop.  To my surprise one early morning (when I was probably supposed to be working), I sign in to Etsy and see this awesome pillow. Swoon!

found here

Joom's shop is full of awesome pillows. Teal, Lavender, Hot Pink, Yellow. The color list goes on and on and on. What really made me fall in love with her shop:

I am apparently obsessed with this color because I really want to lay in a room plastered with mint green surroundings. I really need one of these clocks. And by need I mean, I will be purchasing one of her clocks soon. Or maybe one of these:

Can you see why I am obsessed with Joom? My entire house would be full of mint green, yellow and lavender if my husband would just agree to like some color other than beige. I'm slowly opening him up to different hues by slipping in tid bits of yellow and turquoise throughout the house. At least it's not super girly flowers and butterflies....yet :0)

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Therese's Treasures said...

Keep sneaking it in there girl!